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Diana and David Thompson are the lead instructors of PET HAVEN's Dog Training Obedience Class and have over 60 years of experience training dogs.

Hundreds of students have learned how train their dogs over the last 30 years with Diana and David as teachers and mentors, many receiving American Kennel Club obedience degrees and national breed rankings. Over the years, many alumni have retaken the class with multiple dogs.

Diana and David's passion is teaching pet owners how to train and ultimately build stronger bonds between their companion, family and community. 

Do you feel your pet could be a better companion?


On walks does your dog drag you by the leash?

PET HAVEN's Dog Trainer Obedience Training is a class that will teach you how to train your dog.  The class meets weekly for one hour over 7 consecutive weeks.

The class will teach the use of a Choke Chain, Heeling, Sit, Down, Sit-Stay, Down-Stay, and Recall. 

The class is dog trainer obedience instruction...  We train the YOU, not the dog. 

You may repeat the class with the same dog.  The ability to repeat classes re-enforces training and a opportunity to train and socialize your companion.

All handler and dogs are evaluated at the end of the class.

PET HAVEN's Dog Trainer Obedience Class
- Meets weekly for one hour over 
7 consecutive weeks.
- You will learn how to teach your dog to
 Heel, Sit, Down, Sit-Stay,
Down-Stay, and Recall. 

- Cost is $75 and requires a 6-foot leather leash
and choke chain
that can be purchased
the first day of class.

- Call or stop by PET HAVEN to
ENROLL TODAY - 316-942-2151

A tremendous benefit of the class
is the socialization of your companion
with other dogs and handlers
in a supervised and controlled environment.